Calculate your debt status

To determine your debt status we have inserted a debt calculator for you in an Excel Format. Once you have entered your monthly amounts the template will automatically calculate your overall monthly net surplus or shortfall.

According to the debt calculator, if your result is negative (net shortfall) it means that you are over-indebted, hence you cannot afford to meet your monthly debt commitments and living expenses. Most likely, no credit provider in South Africa is allowed by law to give you further credit because that would be reckless lending which is heavily punitive to the credit provider. We recommend you seek immediate debt help. Logical Debt Solutions can offer you that kind of help.Please fill in the call back form and one of our NCR consultants will call you back.

If your result is positive (net surplus) it means you are not over-indebted, hence you can afford to meet your monthly debt commitments and living expenses and left with some extra funds. You do not really have debt problems, and therefore we recommend that you should not consider taking more debts. However if you feel otherwise in this circumstance we advise you try to exercise some financial discipline.

Download Debt Calculator Excel
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